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  • What do I get when I hire The Sound Lounge Bar?
    The SLB is a fully self-contained mobile bar and entertainment venue. It is complete with a 6 tap drink system, PA, lights, bar, stage, internal lounge and patio area delivered to your door. The hire fee includes delivery, set up, staffing, PA and lights with operator, stage, beverage package, licenses and insurance.
  • How long does my hire go for?
    The private hire fee allows for a 4-hour hire. Longer periods are available so please contact our office to discuss.
  • How much time do you need to set up and what are your requirements?
    A minimum of 3hours is requested for set up. A level, firm area easily accessible by car 10 metres x 5 metres clear space. Minimum height clearance is 5 metres. Close access to 240v power. A generator can be supplied at additional cost. Parking for 2 vehicles
  • What if my event requires a special permit?
    Some events may be required to comply with additional requirements as determined by authorities. If special permits or event conditions are imposed (toilets, security, fencing, council etc) these are in addition to the hire cost. Additional costs may also apply for regional events or for early set up and late bump out. Where power is not available, a generator can be supplied (at additional cost)
  • Why is there a delivery charge?
    A lot of preparation, infrastructure and time goes into delivering the venue to your event. Just like hiring a room, there are costs associated and we’re bringing the room to you! The SLB also is fully set up with lights and PA so these are included in your hire fee and save you on hire and delivery costs for these individual elements.
  • I love your bar! Can I use it at my club, event or venue?
    We’d love too! However, there are some limitations due to licencing that we need to work through to ensure the only flashing lights at your event are coming from our stage! Call us and let’s chat so see how we can make it work.
  • What drinks do you offer?
    We have a range of beer, wine and cocktails available. Please contact our office for the current drinks list.
  • Can I choose the drinks you will offer?
    Yes, the drinks list is fully customisable and will do our best if you have any special requests.
  • If I hire the SLB can I supply my own drinks?
    No, due to liquor licensing we can’t allow BYO alcohol. For commercial liquor events for example breweries, wholesalers please contact our office.
  • Why is there a minimum beverage spend in my hire fee?
    A minimum beverage package spend is required to cover the cost of stock, consumables and operating costs.
  • What entertainment can you offer?
    We have a great network of professional entertainers keen to perform at your events. Options include interactive piano bar, swinging jazz, acoustic combos, vocalists, DJ’s, hosted karaoke and feature acts. If you have a special request, please contact our office.
  • Can I supply my own entertainment?
    Sure! Please contact our office to discuss.
  • Do I have to have entertainment?
    No. If entertainment is not required the venue can operate as a bar and lounge. The stage area will be modified to create room for additional guest seating.
  • Are you insured and have permits for trade?
    The venue is a Registered Food Vehicle with Limited Liquor License (Vic) and Public Liability Insurance.
  • Where do you travel?
    We can travel anywhere within Australia but are currently licensed to serve alcohol in Victoria so additional permits would be required.
  • What if I want to use the Sound Lounge but it’s a ‘dry’ or family event.
    The venue is very adaptable and can operate as a dedicated entertainment facility or lounge area where alcohol can’t be served due to licensing or is not suitable.
  • Can U18s attend our event?
    U18s may attend if it is a private event. For public events, attendance will be governed by the event permit and authorities.
  • What if it rains?
    Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather! If your event is outdoors and is affected by rain we will do our best to continue service. In cases of extreme weather or where it is deemed dangerous for guests and staff we may have to pause service while conditions improve or may have to abandon the event if unable to continue or directed by authorities. Please note, entertainment may not be able to perform in wet weather. We can supply marquees offering weather protection so please contact our office for a quote and more information. Where an event is abandoned due to poor weather refunds will not be given.
  • Can you supply food?
    We are not currently licensed to serve food but can refer you to a range of caterers and food trucks.
  • Can you supply additional furniture?
    Some limited seating is included however we can supply a range of tables, seating and external furniture. Contact our office for more information and a quote.
  • Can you supply event videographers and photographers?
    Yes! We have a great network of event partners who can capture amazing memories of your event.
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